About Aquoral

To best understand what Aquoral® is, you need to first understand what Aquoral isn’t: Aquoral is a medical device, not a pharmaceutical or therapeutic agent.

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Aquoral is an innovative approach to the treatment of dry mouth. With its unique Oxidized Glycerol Triester (OGT) technology and clinically proven efficacy, it is unlike any other solution available for the management of the symptoms of dry mouth. Aquoral contains OGT, silicon dioxide, aspartame, and flavoring. Aquoral is considered a medical device by the FDA—not a pharmaceutical or therapeutic agent. It is an oral spray in an aluminum canister and covered by a pending US patent.

Aquoral is an FDA-cleared protective oral spray with an excellent safety profile proven to lessen the effects of dry mouth.

Overview and Usage

Each vial of Aquoral contains 5.6 milliliter (mL) of spray solution and delivers 0.1 mL of Oxidized Glycerol Triester (OGT) per pump-activated spray (there is no propellant). Under normal usage one vial should last for about a week. Each pack contains 4 vials for a combined one month of dry mouth therapy.

The standard dose is one spray into the inside of each cheek 3 to 4 times per day. After each administration, users are instructed to gently spread the product around the mouth with the tongue. Aquoral can be applied after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and again before bedtime.

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Aquoral should not be used by people with a known history of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

About Oxidized Glyerol Triester

The major component—94.4%—of the spray solution is Oxidized Glycerol Triester (OGT).

OGT is a lipid that adhere to the surface of the oral cavity forming a protective film over the teeth, gums, and tongue. This protects the mouth from mechanical traumas and reduces moisture loss from the oral tissues. OGT is not a saliva substitute or a saliva stimulant and does not contain any pharmacological ingredients.

OGT has been clinically proven to significantly decrease the feeling of dry mouth in 2 controlled clinical trials. Its efficacy and safety profile was also evaluated in a Cochrane Systematic Review.